Negative effects of lack of sleep to your health

As you know, sleep plays an essential part in each person’s life. With the lack of sleep, both physical and mental health of a person can be affected negatively over time, which can result in seriously bad conditions. This is some health problems you can get after long period of lacking sleep:

lack of sleep

1. Obesity:

  • There is a connection between the length of your sleep and blood plasma concentration of the “hunger hormone” ghrelin. The shorter your sleep is, the higher level of ghrelin is secreted.
  • And as its name might already suggest, ghrelin makes you feel hunger. And with ghrelin goes wild, leptin cannot do its job of repressing the feeling of hunger. This results in you eating more than you actually needs and in the end, obesity awaits you.
  • There is one way to prevent this from happening. You should sleep more than 6 hours a day.

2. Heart condition:

Heart condition

  • There is high chance that you might get some conditions due to the lack of sleep, some are dangerous heart conditions. You can get attacked by a myocardial infarction, heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure and heart disorder… all are fatal and deathly.
  • Heart conditions will prevent you from achieving many greater things in life and can eventually lead you to an early death.

3. Damages to the skin:

Damages to the skin

  • If you are thinking about having panda eyes or some pimples, it is not that simple.
  • When you sleep, your skin goes into the regenerating process.
  • Lack of sleep and sleeping disorder results in hormone cortisol being secreted more. This hormone affects your skin’s protein badly.
  • After a while, your skin will lose its elasticity. You will soon get wrinkles and creases on your face, which will make you look older than you really are.

4. Forgetfulness


  • Your brain will also be affected without enough sleep, which results in your memory being affected too.
  • You will start to find it hard to remember where you put things or new faces, new names. Eventually, this can make your grade go down if you are a student or if you are working, you might screw up something.

5. Bad decision making:

  • You cannot really consider all sides of think thoroughly and carefully without letting your brain have some rest.
  • Eventually, you will make some decisions that you will soon regret.

6. Obstruction of your studying process:

  • Things you learn in daytime will get strengthened at night, when you sleep and let your brain does what it is supposed to do. This will help create long-lasting memories about all the knowledge and information you manage to gather.
  • When life is all about learning new things, the lack of sleep can be the biggest enemy ever on your way of improving yourself and discovering new abilities. Losing against this enemy means your development will be severely affected.

7. Depression

  • Lack of sleep leads to depression  and depression again leads to even longer time of staying awake. This is a repeated, no-way-out cycle. Getting stuck in this cycle means your physical and mental health is seriously at stake.

Working continuously is not the way to improve your abilities and to achieve greater goals. You have to get enough rest, enough sleep. Be responsible with your own body. When it says it needs rest, you cannot say no.

Get the help of expert if your problem gets out of hand. At this age, you have to really take care of yourself not to let you be sucked into the vicious gear of all work and no rest and get crushed.