The family camping preparation

Camping is a useful outdoor activity for the family. On the one hand, all the family members can enjoy the relaxing time together and on the other a camping trip gives your kids a chance to experience a wonderful night outside their home and learn new things. The ideal season for camping is spring and summer because the weather is dry and beautiful.

If you intend to spend your weekend or day-off organizing a family camping holiday, the preparation will be the first step and play an important role for the successful of it. Therefore, you have to take much concentration to this step.


The basic list of what you should prepare for a camping day includes:

1. Tent:

Do not think that the most expensive tent will be the best family camping tent. Depending on how long of your camping trip and how large of your family, you will choose the suitable tent for your family. If you organize a couple of days for camping, you should buy a large tent for both your family and your stuff. If it is just a short camping trip, a smaller one is better.

2. Sleeping bags:

This is the second important item that you have to prepare in case of the night is cold and the tent cannot keep your entire members warm enough. There are many kinds of sleeping bags for each particular season and warm level for you to choose.

3. Sleeping mats:

This is an extra layer for warmth. If your transport vehicle has enough large space, you can bring a camp bed to enjoy a comfortable camping night. If not, an air bed is not a bad idea. Another kind of sleeping mat is SIMs which are rather easy to set up or pack up. This is usually for individual to hiking. But nowadays, many manufacturers have produced other models for families.


4. Food:

This is the most important thing for the camping trip. You can prepare your food at home or buy fast food outside. But the perfect way to enjoy a meaningful family camping trip is cooking together. You can bring a mini gas stove to cook dishes and an oven for BBQ. A campfire is also an awesome idea; you can grill the meat or around it.

5. Clothes:

Some clothes for exchange. You can take how many clothes you want, but don’t forget to bring underwear as well as the towel.

6. Light:

There are some kinds of specialized torches of camping such as hand torch and head torch. Hand torch is easy to control the light way while the head torch is free your hand. You can use the lanterns as well.

Besides, you can prepare for your kids some pocket flashlights or fun lighting.


Alongside the above items, you may take an extra preparation, which includes these things:

  • Matches
  • Wet wipes
  • Plastic rubbish bags
  • Plastic bags for dirty clothes
  • Something to play during the trip such as volleyball, badminton, fishing-rod if you camp near the river, etc.

And don’t forget some amazing stories for your kids during the night around the campfire.