At the end of each long day, all we want is a warm comfortable bed and a fine down comforter is one essential item to make it available. However, when you search for the best down comforter , it may be much confusing than you can imagine because of the vast variety of forms, sizes and prices. Here are some advices to choose the down comforter you need. down-comforter1

1. Understand the warmth levels

In the winter, every degree is a big difference and a right warm comforter helps you save money on the heating bill. In the seasons when it is warmer, you would not want to have a wrong choice to fall in the situation where neither sleeping with nor without the comforter is pleasant. Thus, understanding the warmth levels and know which suits your needs is really important. In general, there are six levels to consider.

• Down blanket
This means the comforter is just as warm as a normal blanket. Of course we are not looking for a blanket because a comforter is far cozier.

• Summer comforter
A down comforter of this warmth level is as warm as a thick blanket.It is fitting to a warm bedroom in most seasons.

• Warmth level 1
This level is equivalent to the warmth of 2 thick blankets. The suitable time for this level is from autumn to spring.

• Warmth level 2
It is the warthm of 3 thick blankets for cool bedrooms.

• Warmth level 3
Comforters of this warthm level are made to use in winter or when it is cold.

• Warmth level 4
When you sleep unheatedly in a really cold time, you will need a comforter of this level.

2. Pick the right size

The best comforter for yourself must cover all of you but is not too unnecessarily big. You should not buy any comforter of the wrong size just because it is on sale. If you do not understand the terms for bed size, you can check this chart


3. Get your favourite fabric quality

Everyone have their prefered fabric quality so take your time until you find the right down comforter for yourself. The four common qualities are bastile, sateen, damask and cambric. You can check this glossary on to know more about the qualities.

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4. Know the fill power

How much space of the comforter for 1 ounce of filling to take is called fill power. A comforter with high fill power provides more lofts and fluff. Normally, a fine comforter has a fill power of 600 ore more.

5. Take comforter with baffle-box constructions

Baffles are strips separating the pockets of down to make sure the down allocated throughout the comforter. With the constructions, the comforter will not be clumped and shifted.


6. Choose the fill

The fill of a comforter contributes to the determination of its weight, fill powers and price. Some popular kinds of down fill that you will come across are 600 US White Duck, 600 US White Goose, 700, 800, 900 and 1000 European White Goose. The most expensive one is called Rare Eiderdown. Some people are allergic to down fill but nowadays many manufactures put their products through a washing process to make them allergy free.

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