9 drinks for cooling during summer time

During summer time, it is easy for you to get sick with all the heat and sweating. Drinking enough or more than enough water is highly recommended. However, water might be too bland for your taste.

Here we have some suggestions that not only hydrate your body but also taste good.

  • Coconut milkcoconut-milk

According to Eastern medicines, coconut milk, with its natural and warm sweetness, is toxin-free and it has the effect of cooling your body and enhancing your vitality.

  • Green tea

According to Health, when the weather is too hot, drinking tea does not only help to cool you off but also offer some benefits for your health. High concentration of Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) in tea leaves has been proved to have the effects of fighting off fatigue, cooling your skin and removing toxins from your body.

Drinking 4 to 5 cups of tea (about 800-1000 ml) a day also helps to prevent some kinds of diseases and conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, atherosclerosis, etc.

Since drinking tea at late hours can result in difficulty falling asleep, we recommend drinking tea early in the morning or early in the afternoon. A cup of green tea will give you a feeling of refreshment to tackle any work that might come your way.

  • Orange or lemon juice


Orange and lemon juice has the effects of hydrating your body and preventing any sickness and symptoms caused by heat built up in your body. Its antipyretic effect is undeniable. In addition, its sweet and sour taste will definitely improve your mood.

  • Kudzu

Kudzu is lightly sweet and balanced nature, according to Eastern medicines. It has antifebrile effect, which quenches your thirst, reduces fever and treats dysentery… It detoxifies your body and let your body sweat more. Isoflavon concentration in Kudzu can increase blood flow to your brain and lower blood pressure.

Kudzu juice is easy to make. Add Kudzu powder to water, mix it well. Squeeze 2 cumquats to add more flavor to your drink. Add sugar, maybe a little salt to your taste. Add ice and enjoy your drink.

  • Watermelon or wax gourd


Watermelon or wax gourd juice has been proved to be very well antipyretic. The taste is delicious and refreshing.

According to Eastern medicines, not only its flesh is good for your health, its rind is good too. Watermelon rind can detoxify your body and have antipyretic effect. Wax gourd rind can reduce swelling and inflammation, which is very good for people who are suffering from diabetes to use.

You can wash the rinds; chop it into small slices and pieces. You can either dry it in the sunlight or use it fresh. Boil it with water to drink every day.

  • Corn silk

According to traditional Eastern medicines, corn silk is lightly sweet and naturally balanced. You can use it fresh or dried in the sunlight. Boil it with water for daily uses. You can even add sugarcane or pineapple leaves.

This can be used in place of water daily for those who suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes.

  • Centella

Its bitterness and sweetness together gives a unique taste. It has the effect of longevity. Its juice is good for your health. It helps improve your memory, your sight and it is also diuretic.

Crush 30-50g fresh centella to get its juice or boil it to drink like tea. This juice can even lower blood pressure.

  • Mung bean

Its sweetness and cooling effect is incredible. You can boil it to drink. It is even processed to powder form. This powder when mixed with water taste good and good for your health, also.

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